Fly fishing FloridaFly fishing is one of the more intricate and complicated forms of fishing. Unlike traditional fishing, fly fishing requires constant motion and frequently changing tactics in order to encourage fish to bite. Fly fishing also employs the use of flies rather than lures or bait like most type of fishing. By repeatedly and frequently casting a fly into a small area fly fishermen are able to entice a variety of species of fish to strike the line.

Of course Florida is one of the world’s best locations for fishing so it is no surprising to find that fly fishing Florida is incredibly popular now as well. Depending on what parts of Florida you plan to fish in it may or may not be necessary to fly fish, it really all depends on the location as well as the species of fish. Many fish simply will not strike a fly as quickly or frequently as they would a traditional lure or baited hook which makes it not worthwhile to fly fish. On the opposite side of the scale, there are plenty of fish in Florida that require fly fishing to catch which is what makes the sport so popular with anglers around the world.

Fly fishing also has a variety of techniques associated with it that make it quite a bit more complicated to learn than traditional fishing. Basic fly fishing consists primarily of repeated casting, but as anglers progress through the skill levels they often begin to transition to other techniques like reach casting, spey casting, or others. Each of these techniques alters the action and appearance of the flies ever so slightly but in the right conditions they can make a very significant impact. Fly fishing Florida in particular requires very good knowledge of the various types of fly fishing because there are simply so many different types and species of fish to catch. (Many thanks to kinesisk akupunktur for their help)

Fly fishing angleWhether you are a skilled angler, or just want to get started; fly fishing in Florida is a great activity for anyone. It does take a little bit of practice and training to become proficient at fly fishing but there are thousands of people out there that are ready and willing to show you exactly what you need to do to be successful so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Fly fishing Florida is a great experience for the entire family as well because it is a great way to spend some quality time together outdoors. It is probably one of the most skilled and rewarding outdoors activities there is and while it might take a little bit of time to learn, it is an incredibly fun activity once you truly understand what it involves. Fly fishing is somewhat a dying art and you owe it to yourself to understand it while you still have the chance.